1st May 2022 - Auscyling Silver National Cup

2022 Jacks Ridge Triple X

100/50km Solo & Teams Cross Country Marathon


Registration opens in early 2022


The Jacks Ridge Triple X Cross Country marathon is one of those must do events on the mountain bike calendar.  Its grass roots club racing at its best!

This event includes two separate race distances of 100km and 50km for both Solo and Team riders. Over all there are 20 categories to choose from over the two separate races.

The track length will be around the 20km long and will look to utilise new sections of our trail that are scheduled for construction late 2021.

This course is the main Jacks Ridge single track with sections of fire roads and will include the Dead Cow section.

The Brian Cockbain Memorial Trophy

The fastest male and female solo riders who compete in the 100km race, regardless of their chosen category (except E-Bike categories), will be announced as the winners of the Brian Cockbain Memorial Trophy.

E-Bike categories cannot win the Brian Cockbain Memorial Trophy.

Event Schedule

Time Activity
7:00am Set up track & rego
7:05 Track open for practice
7:30 Registrations open
8:15 Track closed for practice
8:30 Registration closed
8:45 Race briefing
8:50 Call up for all riders
9:00 Race start for all 100k Solo riders
9:01 Race start for all 100k Team riders
9:02 Race start for all 50k Solo riders
9:03 Race start for all 50k Team riders
12:00pm Results for 50k Solo and Team riders announced
3:30 Results for 100k Solo and Team riders announced
4:00 Track closed

Event Categories

Category Minimum Age
100k Solo Expert 19+
100k Solo Masters 1-2 30-39
100k Solo Masters 3-4 40-49
100k Solo Masters 5-6 50-59
100k Solo Masters 7-8 60-69
100k Solo Masters 9-10 70-79
100k E Bike Solo 19+
100k Solo U19 17-18
100k Team of 4 13+
100k Team of 2 15+
50k Solo Expert 19+
50k Solo Masters 1-2 30-39
50k Solo Masters 3-4 40-49
50k Solo Masters 5-6 50-59
50k Solo Masters 7-8 60-69
50k Solo Masters 9-10 70-79
50k E Bike Solo 19+
50k Solo U19 17-18
50k Solo U17 15-16
50k Team of 2 13+
50k Junior Team of 4 11-13

Junior Participation

We encourage juniors ages 11+ to grab a mate and race the Triple X even if they have never raced before.  We want you to come away with a smile on your face and therefore the race director reserves the right to adjust the junior lap or limit a riders laps if it is deemed necessary.

We ask that all junior riders please where possible complete a lap of Jacks Ridge prior to the event to familiarise themselves with the track.

This event is not suitable for riders under the age of 11 and dispensation will not be granted to ride up in other categories.

Age (Min-Max) 50km 100km
Under 13, (11-12) 50km Junior Team of 4 NA
Under 15, (13-14) 50km Team of 2 100km Team 4
Under 17, (15-16) 50km Team of 2 & *Solo 100km Team 4
Under 19, (17-18) 50km Solo 100km Team 2 & 4

*This is recommended for fit riders only and the race director reserves the right to limit a riders laps if is deemed necessary.

Please note that you will be required to provide proof of age on registration.

Event Cost

Click below to register via Entry Boss.

Category Registration
100k Solo $60.00
100k Solo U19 $30.00
100k Team 2 $60.00
100k Team 4 $120.00
50k Solo $40.00
50k Solo U17-U19 $20.00
50k Team 2 $80
50k Team 2 Juniors $40
50k Team 4 Juniors $10 each


Race Number Of Laps
100k Solo & Teams TBC
50k Solo & Teams TBC

Junior team of 4 limited to 1 lap per rider.

"Scratch" Function

Have you already entered the event, but then for some reason you are unable to attend on race day? No problem, just use the SCRATCH function to withdraw from the event and receive a refund.

To protect junior riders our races comply with guidelines set by Auscycling.  These guidelines are designed to manage the amount of time a junior rider is allowed to race for and varies from discipline to discipline.  We would rather juniors went hard for a shorter time and finished with a smile rather than doing too much and ending up busted and disappointed!

The minimum age to participate in the Triple X is 11 (age as of 10th July) in our Junior Team of 4 in the 50k.  Under Auscyling rules U13 riders are allowed to ride for 1 hour and therefore will be limited to a maximum of 1 lap per rider.

Under 13 riders will NOT be given permission to ride up in a Junior Team of 2.

Riders under the age of 11 will not be permitted to ride.

Riders should complete roughly the same amount of laps as each other, however dispensation may be made for mechanical failure.

Please notify the race director if for some reason a team mate has to withdraw from the race.

Technical assistance outside of the race village is not permitted unless from another rider.  Riders may replace wheels and other mechanical parts during the race but must complete the race on the same frame.

Teams utilising an ebike will be required to register under the ebike category even if other members of the team are not on ebikes.

There are no seperate age categories for ebike participation.

Rider under 19 are not permitted to race in the ebike category.


  • Dates

    Sunday 1st May 2022

This event would not be possible without our incredible sponsors: