2nd Oct 2022 - Auscyling Silver National Cup

2022 Jacks Ridge Triple X

84km/42km Solo & Teams Cross Country Marathon



The Jacks Ridge Triple X Cross Country marathon is one of those must do events on the mountain bike calendar.  Its grass roots club racing at its best!

There's two distances available, 84km (4 laps) and 42km (2 Laps) with solo, teams and ebike categories in each.

As this event is part of the National Cup Series (Silver T2), only solo riders competing in the National Cup solo categories are eligible for National Cup points.

No points will be awarded to any other category.

The track length will be approximately 21km.

National Cup category riders will do 4 x 21km laps (please see Junior distances below).

Full details for both National Cup riders and riders in the recreational categories are listed in the table below.

This course will feature all the Jacks Ridge single track with sections of fast flowing fire roads included.

Racing commences at 9:00am and all riders must have completed their final lap by 3:30pm.

Online Entries

Registration is open now through Entryboss here

84km Riders (4 laps)

$60.00 for Solo riders 19 years old and over.
$30.00 for Solo riders Under 19 years of age (50% discount).
Team of 4 - $20.00 for each rider.
Team of 2 - $30.00 for each rider.

42km Riders (2 Laps)

$40.00 for Solo riders 19 years old and over.
$20.00 for Solo riders Under 19 years of age (50% discount).
Team of 2 - $20.00 for each rider.

Junior discount (discount automatically applied based on the age in your EntryBoss Profile. Ages as at 31-Dec-2022)

Race Day Entries - no guarantees

Race day registrations may be accepted at the clubs discretion at an extra cost of $5.00 per rider. Race day registrations will close at 08:30 am.

EFTPOS with “contact free payment” is available and is our preferred payment method.

Race Licensing

All participants must hold, or obtain a AusCycling membership, or obtain an Event Day Licence, or a 4 week free trial membership. Note that Event Day Licences are now $30 for both adult and juniors. We strongly advise you get the free trial option if eligible.

Event Day Licences can be purchased through EntryBoss during the registration process.

Alternatively, Event Day Licences can be pre-purchased from the AusCycling website prior to the race.

Go to https://www.auscycling.org.au/membership for more options.

Categories, Fees and Race Lap Details

National Cup Categories

When registering please select from one of the following applicable categories if you wish to be part of the national cup.

Note - National Cup categories only contain the category name and age in brackets, for example:

Masters 5-Men (50-55)

Category Code Age Entry Fee Lap Details
Elite Men/Women ME/WE 19+ $60.00 4 Laps
Expert Men/Women MX/WX 19-29 $60.00 4 Laps
Junior Men/Women (U19) MJ/WJ 17-18 $30.00 3 Laps
Under 17 Men/Women M17/W17 15-16 $30.00 2 Laps
Under 15 Men/Women M15/W15 13-14 $30.00 1 Lap
Masters 1 Men/Women M1/W1 30-34 $60.00 4 Laps
Masters 2 Men/Women M2/W2 35-39 $60.00 4 Laps
Masters 3 Men/Women M3/W3 40-44 $60.00 4 Laps
Masters 4 Men/Women M4/W4 45-49 $60.00 4 Laps
Masters 5 Men/Women M5/W5 50-54 $60.00 4 Laps
Masters 6 Men/Women M6/W6 55-59 $60.00 4 Laps
Masters 7 Men/Women M7/W7 60-64 $60.00 4 Laps
Masters 8 Men/Women M8/W8 65-69 $60.00 4 Laps
Masters 9 Men/Women M9/W9 70-74 $60.00 4 Laps
Masters 10 Men/Women M10/W10 75-79 $60.00 4 Laps

National Cup Junior Categories

National Cup Points will be awarded to Juniors competing in the U15 (1 Lap), U17 (2 Laps) and U19 (3 Laps) races.

When registering for the Junior National Cup please select from the following applicable categories:

Junior Men/Women (U19)

Under 17 Men/Women

Under 15 Men/Women

Note - categories including the lap length ie 50km/100km* or the words Solo or Teams are recreational and will not be awarded National Cup Points.

*Actual distance will be 42km/84km

National Cup Points

This event is a Silver event which means points are awarded as per the following table:

Position Points Position Points Position Points Position Points Position Points
1st 200 11th 110 21st 90 31st 70 41st 50
2nd 186 12th 108 22nd 88 32nd 68 42nd 48
3rd 176 13th 106 23rd 86 33rd 66 43rd 46
4th 168 14th 104 24th 84 34th 64 44th 44
5th 160 15th 102 25th 82 35th 62 45th 42
6th 152 16th 100 26th 80 36th 60 46th 40
7th 144 17th 98 27th 78 37th 58 47th 38
8th 136 18th 96 28th 76 38th 56 48th 36
9th 124 19th 94 29th 74 39th 54 49th 34
10th 116 20th 92 30th 72 40th 52 50th 32
51st-~ 30
DNF 20

Recreational Categories (Non National Cup)

If you do not wish to be part of the National Cup please select from one of the following applicable categories

Note - Recreational categories contain the distance, solo or team and category for example:

50km* Solo Masters 5-6

*Entryboss does not allow us to change category names once registration is open which is why categories still reference the old 50km & 100km distance.  The race distance will be 42km & 84km respectively.

Category Age Category Gender Entry Fee Lap Details
84km Teams of 4 U15+ Male/Female/Mixed $20.00 per rider 4 Laps
84km Teams of 2 U15+ Male/Female/Mixed $30.00 per rider 4 Laps
42km Solo Expert 19-29 Male/Female $40.00 2 Laps
42km Solo Masters 1-2 30-39 Male/Female $40.00 2 Laps
42km Solo Masters 3-4 40-49 Male/Female $40.00 2 Laps
42km Solo Masters 5-6 50-59 Male/Female $40.00 2 Laps
42km Solo Masters 7-8 60-69 Male/Female $40.00 2 Laps
42km Solo Masters 9-10 70-79 Male/Female $40.00 2 Laps
42km E Bike Solo U19+ Male/Female $40.00 2 Laps
42km Solo U19 U19 Male/Female $20.00 2 Laps
42km Solo U17 U17 Male/Female $20.00 2 Laps
42km Team of 2 U15+ Male/Female/Mixed $20.00 per rider 2 Laps

Team Registrations

For riders entering in the Team categories you will notice the EntryBoss registration process is different to the MTBA Online Services (MOS) system.

The MOS system allowed for one team member to enter and pay for all team members, however EntryBoss requires each team member to enter and pay for themselves.

For Example: When the first rider of a team registers, that person creates the team name and pays for their own registration. When the next member of that team registers, they select their team name from a list of created teams and then adds themselves to that team. That person then continues their registration process and pays for themselves.

The Course

Each lap is approximately 21km with 330 metres of elevation.

The trail will combine the original Jacks Ridge trails with around 8km of brand new singletrack.  The route is almost entirely single track with some sections of fire trail for feeding and passing opportunities.

There are over 70 timber features (50+ new ones) on the trail.  All with the exception of one in Gap Jump in Dead Cow (fully sign posted) are rollable.  All technical features where possible also have a B line which must give way to riders on the A line at all times.

Trails included (in order) are:

  • Start on Teague Ridge Road
  • Sharkline
  • First dipper
  • Two Humps
  • Rollercoasters (Dippers)
  • Sideshow Alley
  • Serpentine
  • Pines - first half
  • Smashed Bananas
  • Pines - second half
  • Lost Luggage
  • Found my suitcase
  • Snakes and Ladders
  • Rotary Run
  • Nirvana
  • Dead Cow
  • Iditarod
  • Totem Poles
  • T-Rex
  • Rainforest (backwards starting at T-Rex)
  • Teague Ridge Road (via temporary U turn off rainforest)
  • Piccadilly
  • Teague Ridge Road
  • Loggers Lane
  • Homebake (new)
  • Ride a White Swan (new)
  • Livistona (new)
  • Nose Dive (new)
  • Feel the Force (new)
  • Mechanical Advantage
  • Trolls Lair (new)
  • Boardwalk (new)
  • Troll Wall (new)
  • Hippy Trail (new)
  • High Line (new)
  • Northpipe (new)
  • Finish line on Teague Ridge Road next to race village

First Aid

St Johns Ambulance will be on site at the Race Village during the event to attend to any medical emergencies.

Technical Assistance

A dedicated feed and technical zone will be designated at the race village with priority being given trackside for solo riders.

No assistance is to be given to riders outside the designated feed and technical zone and may result in the disqualification of that rider.

If you are unable to complete the event due to technical or medical reasons please let the timing team know on return to the race village.

Adverse Weather Conditions

We may elect to remove certain sections of the trail if we deem them unridable or they pose a risk to our riders.  This decision will be communicated in our rider briefing on the day of the event.  Where possible fire roads will be substituted or a short start lap maybe included to maintain the target distances.


No parking will be available at the event centre during the event.

Parking is available (see map above) alongside the access road leading into Jacks Ridge Mountain Bike Park.

Please park well of the road to allow full vehicle in emergencies.

Access to the race village to drop off tents or equipment will be granted on Saturday and before 7am on Sunday morning.

Please follow the directions of the marshals on the day.

Please do not park in front of any driveways along Rosella and Jacks Ridge Road.

The Brian Cockbain Memorial Trophy

The fastest male and female solo riders who compete in the 84km race, regardless of their chosen category (except E-Bike categories), will be announced as the winners of the Brian Cockbain Memorial Trophy.

E-Bike categories cannot win the Brian Cockbain Memorial Trophy.

Event Schedule

The following schedule is subject to change

Time Activity
7:00am Set up track & rego
7:05 Track open for practice
7:30 Registrations open
8:15 Track closed for practice
8:30 Registration closed
8:45 Race briefing
8:50 Call up for all riders

All previous National Cup XCM Champions & Elite riders to the front of the grid, with remainder of National Cup riders to self seed behind the front line of the grid.


Mass start for all recreational category and team riders (except E-Bike riders)


Mass start for all E-Bike riders

12:00pm Results for 42k Solo and Team riders announced
3:30 Results for 84k Solo and Team riders announced
4:00 Track closed

Non National Cup Junior Participation

We encourage juniors U15+ to grab a mate and race the Triple X even if they have never raced before.  We want you to come away with a smile on your face and therefore the race director reserves the right to adjust the junior lap or limit a riders laps if it is deemed necessary.

We ask that all junior riders please where possible complete a lap of Jacks Ridge prior to the event to familiarise themselves with the track.

This event is not suitable for U13 riders and under as each lap will potentially take a rider over their recommended riding limit of 1 hour. Dispensation will not be granted to ride up in other categories.

"Scratch" Function

Have you already entered the event, but then for some reason you are unable to attend on race day? No problem, just use the SCRATCH function to withdraw from the event and receive a refund.


The race will be held on a lap of approximately 21km in length.

The full marathon distance will be 4 laps and 84 km with the half marathon completing 2 laps and 42km.

Entryboss registration system may refer to 50km & 100km however the distances will be 42km & 84km.

To protect junior riders our races comply with guidelines set by Auscycling.  These guidelines are designed to manage the amount of time a junior rider is allowed to race for and varies from discipline to discipline.  We would rather juniors went hard for a shorter time and finished with a smile rather than doing too much and ending up busted and disappointed!

The minimum age category to participate in the Triple X is U15's (age as of 31 December 2022) in our Junior Team of 2 in the 42km or Team of 4 in 84km.  Under Auscyling rules U15 riders are allowed to ride for a maximum of 2 hours and therefore will be limited to a maximum of 1 lap per rider.

Under 13 riders will NOT be given permission to ride as they will exceed the current recommended guideline of 1 hour.

Riders should complete roughly the same amount of laps as each other, however dispensation may be made for mechanical failure.

Please notify the race director if for some reason a team mate has to withdraw from the race.

Technical assistance outside of the race village is not permitted unless from another rider.  Riders may replace wheels and other mechanical parts during the race but must complete the race on the same frame.

Teams utilising an ebike will be required to register under the ebike category even if other members of the team are not on ebikes.

There are no seperate age categories for ebike participation.

Riders under 19 are not permitted to race in the ebike category.

There will be no Auscyling National Cup points awarded in the ebike category

Visitor Information

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Days of adventure call for nights of relaxation and the Nambucca Valley is brimming with options to rest your head or keep the good times going.

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  • Dates

    Sunday 2nd Oct 2022

  • Technical Guide

    Click here to review our event technical guide

  • Race Distance

    84km & 42km