March 20th 2022

Jills At Jacks

Women's Solo & Teams Cross Country Marathon



Jills at Jacks is a women and girl’s mountain bike race for riders of all ages and skill levels, and is now in it’s third year. The event is run by a sub-committee of female members of the club, who aim to run an event that is inclusive and welcoming, but which also gives a genuine competitive racing experience for expert riders.

Riders will complete several laps of the 8km loop, choosing either the 1.5 hour duration or the 3 hour duration. There are options to complete the race as a solo rider, or as a team of two (where you tag your race partner at the end of each lap and have a break while they ride the next lap).

The 2021 event will offer cash prizes, thanks to the generous support of our sponsors NSW Forestry Corporation, and Amos & McDonald Surveyors.

To protect junior riders our races comply with guidelines set by Auscycling.  These guidelines are designed to manage the amount of time a junior rider is allowed to race for and varies from discipline to discipline. 

Juniors must seek approval from the Commisaire and Race Director to ride up an age category.

We would rather juniors went hard for a shorter time and finished with a smile rather than doing too much and ending up busted and disappointed!

Riders should complete roughly the same amount of laps as each other, however dispensation may be made for mechanical failure.

Please notify the race director if for some reason a team mate has to withdraw from the race.

Technical assistance outside of the race village is not permitted unless from another rider.  Riders may replace wheels and other mechanical parts during the race but must complete the race on the same frame.

Teams utilising an ebike will be required to register under the ebike category even if other members of the team are not on ebikes.

There are no seperate age categories for ebike participation.

Rider under 23 are not permitted to race in the ebike category.


March 20th 2022